Thanks a thousand


In Thanks a Thousand: A Gratitude Journey, A.J. Jacobs chronicles a trip around the world with one goal: to personally thank every person along the supply chain who makes his morning cup of coffee possible.

Jacobs’ story made us realize we should do the same with our own gratitude journey and thank all of those who made the first NewClub season a success.

First and foremost, we’d like to thank our members. It’s you who makes playing the game a shared experience, keeps our community special and unique, and reminds us that golf isn’t the self-serving pursuit it’s so often cast out to be.

Next, we’d like to thank the people we’ve met at every club, course, and place we’ve been. From the generous members who host, fellow golfers and guests, and to anyone who has simply enjoyed the look on our faces when we experience their golf home for the very first time.

We can’t forget to also thank the many head professionals who greet us at the first tee with a smile, their assistant pros who ring us up when we need an extra sleeve of balls for the back nine, and lend us a critical eye when our fade becomes a slice.

We must also thank the caddies who shepherd our wayward drives, the bartender who’s quick to offer a cleansing ale, and the club accountant who ensures we pay our fair share of the tab.

Just as important to thank are the people you don’t see on the course. We thank the architects and designers who envision the field of play, the superintendents and grounds crew who work tirelessly to make golf a daily reality, the mechanic who keeps everything running, the developers who take on the risk for the reward, and the club president who paves the way for centuries of existence.

Finally, we thank the writers, historians, and media personalities who talk passionately about the game we love, the club makers who forge steel with their own hands, and to every single person who pays it forward by introducing the game to kids and those who have never played a round.

There is so much that we can gain from this beautiful game and that’s why there is an endless supply chain of people in golf for whom we’re grateful.

This week, we dedicate the time to actually say it to all of you. Thank you.