Handicaps for NewClub members are here

NewClub CEO Matt Considine #12 sizing up Lebron #23 on defense.

NewClub CEO Matt Considine #12 sizing up Lebron #23 on defense.

Once upon a time, Lebron James was a high school basketball player in Akron, Ohio. He was once a kid, just playing ball with other kids. The problem for the “other” kids playing against him back then was that Lebron was a generational talent that would go on to break professional records and win NBA championships.

The story of Matt vs. Lebron is great because, one, it’s funny, and two, is a caricature of the importance of carrying an official golf handicap. 

All NewClub members get CDGA handicaps

As a NewClub member, you will get an official Chicago District Golf Association (CDGA) handicap and membership with NewClub as your home club. 

You will receive an email from the CDGA to set up your profile and password so you can log into their system. From there, you can also download their mobile application, My CDGA, where you can post scores, see your handicap index, access your CDGA membership card, and more. 

Read more about the CDGA’s rich history as an allied golf association of the USGA.

Why all NewClub members are required to carry official handicaps

We are requiring all NewClub members to carry handicaps. Why? 

  • Tournaments. We’ll be hosting several NewClub tournaments this year where handicaps are required to crown champions. Also, if you aspire to someday play in any official USGA competition, you’ll need to carry a handicap. 
  • Private clubs. We are being hosted by some of the top clubs in the country, and all of our members carrying handicaps is a great way to show them our passion for the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re a +1 or a 30, handicaps speak volumes to our love of the game and the strength of our golf society.
  • The USGA’s new handicap system. The governing bodies of golf are finally making it easier to manage handicaps. There are fewer scores needed to obtain a handicap (now only 5), there’s a maximum score of Net Double Bogey (a gift for pace of play), and now takes into account abnormal playing conditions (wind, rain, etc). See an infographic on the new system.
  • Friendly competition. We want to encourage our members to inject friendly competition with each other during our rounds. Handicaps help make the playing field fair for everyone. 
  • NewClub integrity, honesty, and values. Handicaps are dependent on our integrity and honesty with posting scores, along with the peer review of scores within the club. We are only as good as our word.

Judge Smails: “Ty, what did you shoot today?”
Ty Webb: “Oh, Judge, I don't keep score.”
Judge Smails: “Then how do you measure yourself with other golfers?”
Ty Webb: “By height.”