Play it backwards


A group of like-minded souls, marching in reverse order to the rhythmic winter beats of Canal Shores.

The Reverse Jans is an event that takes place every year on the border of Evanston and Wilmette the first Saturday in December. It’s an honorable company, a group of kindred spirits, collected by the custodial drive of Jason Way (ground committee member and CS godfather) to help celebrate the community and it’s values that have manifested through this great game.

My inaugural voyage was an enlightening route. A lesson in the principles of community golf. Where neighbors chuckled as we launch tee shots over the ice capped canal and people like Andy Johnson of Fried Egg fame will take a break from his approach shot to carry a ladder for a neighbor hanging christmas lights nearby. An average Saturday in early December for the Honorable Company of Reverse Jans Golfers.

I left with the exhilaration of playing the shores in a whole new light and the lingering thought that we all need to play a little backwards from time to time... it could just show us the way forward.