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The Palmer Award


Traditions should be passed down from generation to generation, they should be old, and they should be tested. Only until they reach that long-lasting mile mark can they truly earn the moniker of a “tradition.”

They also need to start somewhere.

This year, our golf society started what we hope becomes a tradition. We are especially excited to deliver it because we think it stands for all the things that are right about the game of golf and what NewClub Golf Society and others like us can help promote.

In asking NewClub applicants to name their golfing role model, the name Arnold Palmer is our most common response. Palmer embodies all the best aspects of golf and his legacy as a genuine, kind-hearted person to everyone he meets will be a lasting example.


But, many trophies and awards already bear the King’s name, which is why ours takes on a dual meaning.

When we polled our society last year to name specific members who they liked playing with the most, one name emerged from the pack.

This member not only enhanced his fellow playing partners’ experience and made for a more enjoyable round, he also exhibits a strong sense of balance, family, moderation, and prioritization. He is someone who seems to always put the right things and people first, while still making time to play and enjoy the game he loves.

At the top of those priorities was his newborn son named Palmer.

So, it’s NewClub Golf Society’s Palmer Award that will forever be an annual reminder that golf is and always will be a game, no matter how much we love it. If treated with the right amounts passion, perspective, and reverence, golf can make us better people and benefit everyone in our lives.

Congratulations to our first Palmer Award recipient, Brian Ekstrom.