Our golf society

Modeled after golf societies in Great Britain and Ireland, NewClub is a society of golfers who appreciate playing the game with a diverse and dynamic community at a collection of compelling courses and honored clubs.

NewClub members enjoy weekday and weekend rounds throughout the golf season, competitive tournaments, and golf trips to inspiring bucket-list destinations. 


Join the community.

The men and women in our golf society love the game, respect tradition, and have proven a high standard of character both on and off the course. They enjoy playing golf with new friends and kindred spirits.

Play more compelling golf.

Visit a curated collection of honored clubs and courses that share our society values, treat all members and guests with respect, and are admired for their continued commitment to the game of golf

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Enjoy your game.

Our mobile app, staff and partners will make sure scheduling a round is as clean as your grooves, allowing you our valued member to focus on the experience at hand and #enjoyyourgame

Experience compelling golf


Complete our full application process to access the NewClub app to view open times, book your rounds, and interact with our community. Our application ensures our community includes those who love the game, uphold NewClub values, practice good golf etiquette, and respect fellow members and clubs.